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Permit me to introduce myself.

My name is Dave Salois as you can tell by the name of this web site. I was named after my paternal grandfather.  My last name is a somewhat contorted, anglicized French name that has traveled down our family tree several centuries from some French fur trapper that first stepped off a boat in Quebec, Canada, in 1648, or so I’ve been told. It looks like it should be pronounced “Sal-ois”. It is not a real common name, so all those who bear it are probably related in some fashion or other and carry the burden of the surname equally, even though they pronounce it differently. It is pronounced “Sal-o-way” in our part of the woods in the Pacific Northwest. French speaking people have told me that it should actually be “Sal-wah”, similar to Dubois, which it probably was at one time, and is in other parts of the civilized French speaking world. Then again, there is the “ois” ending that is also pronounced “oy” like in Illinois, so I guess you could pronounce my name “Saloy” also and be somewhat correct as well. Who knows? All I know is that, growing up, a lot of people stumbled over it and mispronounced it, and it caused me a lot of grief. I usually answered to anything close that started with a “Sal”, and I always had to explain why my last name was so funny and wasn’t pronounced like it was spelled. It was a major inconvenience. Later on, my friends just called me Sal, to simplify things, and the nickname stuck with me all through school. So there you have it. Those of you who are named Smith, or Jones, or something normal, consider yourselves lucky.

There are a great number of people with this surname still in Quebec and scattered throughout Canada and along the east coast of the United States. I’ve discovered about eight or nine other people online named David Salois, and several live in that region. No doubt many of them speak French and have french customs and traditions. My particular branch of the family tree, however, has very little French influence and has been dominated primarily by the Irish ethnicity from the women. Many of my ancestors were Scots-Irish and English with names like MacElye, Andrews, Epps, Carter, Chadwick, Bushie, Burland, Fites, and Collins. St. Patrick’s Day has long been honored in our family. 

In like kind, this site  is a mixed bag of different things, a Heinz 57 as it were,  that come across my stream of consciousness from time to time and which I feel compelled to post on cyberspace. Although this site may be filled with some irrelevant mind chatter and general incoherent ramblings, from time-to-time, mostly it is filled with absolute genius and awe inspiring material that will cause an epiphany to explode in your brain. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but once in awhile I say something funny or interesting, so you might want to visit this site occasionally, if for nothing more than the shear entertainment value.

By day I’m a mild mannered, self-employed technical writer, article writer, project manager, apartment manager, handyman, father, husband, bicyclist, and designer of custom homes….whatever it takes to turn a buck in this economy. By night, I’m an insomniac, a reader, a novelist, YouTube surfer, webmaster, blogger, marketer, and cyberspace explorer extraordinaire. I’ve planted my flag on many far off web sites, to be sure, and had numerous cookies stuck to my feet during my expeditions, however, at the end of the day, I’m really no further along than when I started online many years ago. I’ve covered a lot of ground, but really never left my chair. Looking back, it’s a strange feeling.  Anyway, this fairly well explains the essence of my being and I’m absolutely WYSIWYG. 

I live in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA, home of the Iron Man Marathon, and I have a great wife, to whom I’ve been married to for thirty five years now, two beautiful adult daughters, who have moved out of the nest, a beautiful little two year old granddaughter, and a cat, who doesn’t do much of anything but eat and sleep.

I’ve been online since 1984 and on the Internet since 1994. Living the dream …

I’m glad you stopped by. I hope to cross paths with you again.



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